iPhone 7 Sales Have Dropped, and We’re to Blame, According to Apple

Sales of the iPhone 7 have suspiciously slowed down more than iPhones usually do at this point in their lifecycle. Tim Cook blames us. More specifically, Tim Cook blames iPhone 8 leakers and people spreading leaks for a drop in demand, stating, “We are seeing a pause in purchases of the iPhone due to earlier and much more frequent reports about future iPhones.” People seeing how great the iPhone 8 will be are unlikely to want to waste money on the iPhone 7 right now. Cook’s definitely correct, the iPhone 8 leaks we’ve seen have shown off an incredible device that would be a fantastic leap forward in iPhone design, that would certainly cause interest in the current iPhone to drop. However, if the current iPhone wasn’t so shockingly lackluster, customers would still be buying it. 

Tim Cook’s trying to put the blame on iPhone 8 leakers, but he should really be looking at the iPhone 7 (above) a bit more closely. Whoops, sorry, that’s a three year old iPhone 6. You can tell because it still has the popular headphone jack at the bottom. Wait… no, it couldn’t be. Do you think? Could the uninspired iPhone 7 be Apple’s actual problem?
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Get Chameleon Run Free for iOS Right Now

Apple’s giving away a copy of a fun and popular running game, Chameleon Run, on their Apple Store app. Note that I wrote “Apple Store app,” not “App Store.” You’ll have to download Apple’s Apple Store app, which is essentially an app version of their website, to get this game. Once you’ve downloaded it, go to the “Discover” tab if it’s not already open, and scroll down to the section that looks like this:

Then, download the game.

So what is Chameleon Run? It’s a fun, fast paced,  level based platformer style running game with a twist.
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The Apple Watch as a Fashion Statement

I was in a restaurant having lunch with a few friends. Someone in our group looked at my wrist, “Oh, is that a new band? I like it!” She’s a fashionable woman, exactly the kind of person you’d want to get a compliment like that from. Here I was, wearing a piece of technology on my wrist, yet it was somehow considered fashionable, unlike the calculator watches of old. The Apple Watch managed to impress a style-minded person in a way that no wearable piece of technology has ever been able to do. Is it thanks to smartphones that technology became personal and cool? Perhaps. But it’ll be the smart watch that makes technology truly fashionable, and Apple has taken note. In that sense, the Apple Watch was designed by the most forward-thinking engineers, designers, and executives who knew their watch would be more than a utilitarian smart device for your wrist, but an actual accessory as well. Apple knows that technology must not only improve your life from a functionality standpoint, but also compliment your outfit. 
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Sheeple, Plural Noun: Apple Fans Like You?

The Apple iPhone 7 battery case, with a lot of junk in the trunk for the battery.

Whatcha gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside your trunk?

Love everything Apple? Keep buying iPhones even though the design is flawed and battery life is abysmal? Then according to the fine folks at Merriam-Webster, one of the oldest English dictionaries in the world, you might be a member of a group known as “sheeple.” Merriam-Webster recently took to add the word “sheeple” to their dictionary, and the definition along with the example provided for it might not sit too well with fans of Apple’s products. 
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Trump Appointed FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai Announces His Plan to Destroy Net Neutrality, Internet Freedom

Ajit Pai. Credit: AP

What’s good for huge corporations is often bad for “the little guy,” that is, smaller businesses and individuals. However, the little guy, the individual, does have a way to piggyback off of the successes of those huge corporations. They can become lobbyists, politicians, or, in this case, the FCC Chairman. Pai graduated law school, worked on the Telecommunications Task Force, approving (or blocking) mergers and acquisitions, worked for the Department of Justice, and left government work for a time to be the Associate General Counsel at Verizon. He was only there two years before going back to government, where he’s been strongly pro-big business. 

That brings us to net neutrality. Net neutrality protects you and I from being gouged for our internet service any more than we already are. It forces all internet service providers (ISPs) to treat all data equally. Imagine if phone companies didn’t have to do that with who you talked to. They could notice you call your girlfriend a lot, and start charging your double for calls to her. Or perhaps they don’t want you talking to Comcast customer service for very long, forcing you to get frustrated and switch to their service. That’s what they have planned for the internet, fast and slow lanes, data that doesn’t count against limits for their own services or partners. It’s a way to gouge both other companies and end users, controlling the services we can use. Net neutrality protects small businesses from being pushed out of the market by these giant bullies like Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and Time Warner (Spectrum). But net neutrality forbids these large corporations from taking advantage of their size for profit. That’s why they hate it. It’s why they lobby about it and push conservative politicians to fight against net neutrality and privacy. They’re against complete internet freedom, and we just elected their mouthpieces to the highest positions in government. 

That’s why Ajit Pai just released his plan to dismantle net neutrality this week, making internet freedom a thing of the past. 
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iPhone 8 Schematics Show No Rear Touch ID, Possible Wireless Charging

We’re nearing the release of the iPhone 8, and leaks will begin to get more specific. Unfortunately, this one’s still nothing but a drawing, but it does confirm a number of rumors we’ve heard before, and is hopefully more accurate than some other drawings we’ve seen in the past. This drawing shows a sort of x-ray view of the iPhone 8, so we can see the vertical dual camera setup with flash between the lenses, and, perhaps most importantly to Apple fans, we can see that there’s no rear Touch ID! Besides that, there seems to be an outline on the back that looks suspiciously like a wireless charging pad. Wireless charging has been the biggest rumor about the next iPhone since the iPhone 7 was introduced, so it’s believed that this will be a core feature of Apple’s new phone. If the pad is indeed that large, the back of the iPhone will likely be glass to allow transmission. 

The iPhone 8 reveal is expected this fall, but it may not ship until early 2018 due to supply constraints with the new embedded Touch ID sensor. 

The First iPhone 8 Dummies are Here!

Every year around this time, we start to see “dummy phones.” These are supposedly used for displays in some stores and case manufacturers to create their new cases. It’s said they come straight from Apple, and security on the fake devices is apparently not quite as good as the security on the real thing. However, we don’t know much about the process for creating these, and it’s almost impossible to tell if they’re legitimate or not, because the quality is obviously subpar on a dummy model. Some leaks have been accurate in the past, but because the source changes so frequently, we can’t possibly consider a dummy phone a realistic leak to end the need for future leaks. Still, it could give us an idea of the appearance of the device, and right now, it’s the best we’ve got. 

Above, you can see what appears to be a phone reminiscent of all the rumors we’ve heard, as well as some classic design elements. More photos, including an updated schematic and jet black version are below.
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