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The Apple Watch as a Fashion Statement

I was in a restaurant having lunch with a few friends. Someone in our group looked at my wrist, “Oh, is that a new band? I like it!” She’s a fashionable woman, exactly the kind of person you’d want to get a compliment like that from. Here I was, wearing a piece of technology on my wrist, yet it was somehow considered fashionable, unlike the calculator watches of old. The Apple Watch managed to impress a style-minded person in a way that no wearable piece of technology has ever been able to do. Is it thanks to smartphones that technology became personal and cool? Perhaps. But it’ll be the smart watch that makes technology truly fashionable, and Apple has taken note. In that sense, the Apple Watch was designed by the most forward-thinking engineers, designers, and executives who knew their watch would be more than a utilitarian smart device for your wrist, but an actual accessory as well. Apple knows that technology must not only improve your life from a functionality standpoint, but also compliment your outfit. 
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Apple’s Working to Bring Glucose Sensors to Apple Watch

If you have diabetes, you’re likely tired of pricking your fingers, no matter how little blood is required with more recent monitors. Researchers have been working for years on non-invasive techniques for measuring blood glucose levels. Among them is Apple, who has apparently been working on the technology for the past 5 years, since before Apple even introduced the Apple Watch. It was apparently a goal of the late Steve Jobs to introduce a product that could help people monitor their health without inconveniencing them, and Apple may soon be in the position to release a non-invasive glucose monitor for diabetics in the form of an Apple Watch upgrade. 
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(Product)Red iPhone, New iPads, Apple Watch Bands, and iPhone Cases Released by Apple

Without fanfare, an event, or a large announcement of any sort, Apple released a number of new products. This included A new (Product)Red iPhone, a beautiful red finish for the iPhone 7, a new low cost iPad to replace the iPad Air 2, and an update to the storage capacity of the iPhone SE. Along with the new hardware, Apple also introduced a spring collection of Apple Watch bands and iPhone cases. The updates bring new options to Apple’s lineups, whether it’s new colors, new prices, or new storage space. However, these certainly aren’t as exciting as Apple’s usual product announcements, which is likely why they did so quietly, without a large event.
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New iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPhone SE, Red iPhone 7, and Apple Watch Bands Expected at March Apple Event

Mac Otakara doesn’t have a perfect track record with Apple rumors, but slightly more often than not, they leak something that turns out to be true. The latest report from the site claims the iPad lineup is about to get a huge update. Apple will be updating the 7.9″ iPad Mini, 9.7″ iPad Pro, and 12.9″ iPad Pro. On top of that, they claim that Apple will also release a 10.5″ iPad Pro that will share the same dimensions as the 9.7″ iPad Pro, but feature an edge-to-edge display. iPads are often updated in the Spring, so this isn’t an outlandish leak, although the presence of a new screen size thanks to new display technology may be something Apple saves for the release of the 2017 flagship iPhone. Speaking of the iPhone, Mac Otakara also reports that there will be updates to the iPhone SE, adding new storage capacities, and a new color option for the iPhone 7, a red color scheme that may tie in with Apple’s (PRODUCT)RED campaign. Finally, we’re expecting to see updates to Apple’s lineup of watch bands for the Apple Watch. Which rumors hold merit? Surprisingly, most of them sound possible, if not likely. 
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Apple Patents Charging Straps for Apple Watch

One of the biggest complaints about the Apple Watch has been battery life. The watch must be charged nightly. At the end of the day yesterday, after 18 hours off the charger, my Apple Watch sat at 33%. Still, it wouldn’t have been able to last until morning if I tried to use it for sleep tracking, and even if it had been able to last until the morning, I wouldn’t have been able to use it the next day. If you think of it like a smartphone, this is understandable. Without tweaking settings, an iPhone can’t last more than one full day off the charger either. However, for a wearable, some consider this inconvenient. I was already charging my Pebble every three to four days, so adapting to doing it nightly wasn’t so bad. Using a small charging stand from Spigen made the entire process easy. I don’t even think about it anymore. I wake up, I put on my Apple Watch. I go to bed, I take it off and put it in its stand. Simple. I love my Apple Watch.

But for some (and Apple) this isn’t good enough. If the power demands for watchOS or the Apple Watch hardware grow in the future, Apple will need creative ways to supplement the battery life in the watch. That’s why Apple’s next iteration of the Apple Watch, supposedly due this fall, will focus on battery life improvements. A recently revealed patent shows Apple’s willing to think outside of the watch to make this happen. 
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BACtrack Apple Watch Band Has Built-In Blood Alcohol Monitor

I drink responsibility. I’ve never driven drunk and I’m strict with my friends about doing the same. I’ll admit, I’ve gone a bit too far when hanging out with friends, and I had a wicked headache this morning after discoving a new bar last night, but generally, I like to always stay in control. Another thing I like to do when I go out? Look good. I’ll do my makeup better than I usually do (which, as I usually do it at 7am, isn’t difficult), I’ll wear some perfume, trim my nails, and I’ll customize my watch strap. Sometimes I’ll wear a cuff, or a black band, or, depending on the bar/party I’m going to, I’ll don my rainbow strap (available for other watches too). Thanks to third party adapters, all my watch bands from my Pebble work for my Apple Watch, so I’ve already got quite an impressive collection. However, now, I may have to get a new watch band for going out. BACtrack revealed an Apple Watch band called the Skyn that can read your blood alcohol content (BAC). It reads your BAC in near realtime and comes with an Apple Watch app so you can see your BAC at a glance. You can track your alcohol intake more accurately than any drink tracking app, and know when it’s time to stop, and when it’s time to call a cab.
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Apple Watch Series 3 Could Release This Year

You’ll be attaching a charger here less often.

The first Apple Watch was released in spring of 2015. A year and a half later, Apple revealed the Apple Watch Series 2 and the Apple Watch Series 1. They begun to call the original Apple Watch the Series 0. For most models, there were no external changes. The Series 2 has the same shape as the Series 1, but it’s a little thicker. The biggest difference was the abandonment of the 24k gold Apple Watch Edition for the new, less expensive, ceramic Apple Watch Edition. The Series 3 Apple Watch isn’t expected to change much either. It seems the biggest change will be a new focus on battery life. The hardware won’t be changed externally, which shouldn’t be a problem, the Apple Watch is already Apple’s best looking product. 
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