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Don’t Open Pandora’s Beta Box

There are developer and public betas out for Apple’s upcoming operating systems. You could, right now, put iOS 11 on your iPad or iPhone, macOS High Sierra on your Mac, or tvOS 11 on your Apple TV 4. But you’d be opening Pandora’s box of operating system woes, unleashing unstable, often broken operating systems on your devices. These are works in progress. You wouldn’t climb scaffolding on a building in construction just to see what it’ll look like from the top once it’s completed, would you? Perhaps if you’re a daredevil, seeking out an adrenaline rush, but certainly not if you intend to keep yourself safe. Those who have used iOS 11 on their devices have found it rapidly drains their batteries, often crashes, and that not all apps work with the operating system. This is perfectly normal for software that’s in development. Apple’s beta operating systems won’t truly be “safe” to install until the golden master. Personally, I’m usually willing to take the risk around the time of the 4th public beta, but even then, I’ve frequently come across random issues, like apps not working and crashes. The new operating systems may be tempting, but you must resist. 

Now, if you’re an app developer or you have a spare iOS device laying around, then, by all means, check out what Apple’s working on. But do not risk your only or most important device on incomplete software, you will regret it.

iOS 10 and macOS Sierra Betas Out Today and You Should Ignore Them

Today, Apple released the public betas of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. These betas allow anyone to test Apple’s latest operating systems, even if they don’t have a developer account. You can gain access to Apple’s coolest new features like iMessages, Siri on the Mac, tabbed Windows, cool new widgets, 3D Touch notifications, and so much more. And you should absolutely ignore this. Yes, you. You the person reading this on their only iPhone, or their only Mac. Because this software could be full of bugs, and if your primary device runs into a serious problem, you could be, and I apologize in advance for this technical term, completely screwed. That’s because the beta software isn’t ready for prime time yet. There are still bugs in it, and some of those bugs could lead to your iPhone becoming bricked, or losing data on your Mac. You could encounter software that doesn’t work on the latest edition of these operating systems. Finally, on iOS, third party developers aren’t even allowed to release updates for their apps to work with the latest operating system until it’s released. As such, you probably shouldn’t upgrade to iOS 10 or macOS Sierra. 

So, here’s how to do it. 
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