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iPhone 8 Reported to Start at $999 for 64GB of Storage

Rumors of the iPhone 8’s price have been generally in the same area. It was going to cost more than the iPhone 7s, likely starting at $1000, and could cost as much as $1,200. In a column for The New York Times, Brian X. Chen reveals that the iPhone 8 will start at $999 for 64GB of storage, citing anonymous sources. Noted Apple aficionado (and likely connected insider), John Gruber, tends to agree with this price point. This means that the 2017 iPhones will likely have the below price structure.

iPhone Model Price
iPhone 8
iPhone 8, 64GB $999
iPhone 8, 128GB $1,099
iPhone 8, 256GB $1,199
iPhone 7s
iPhone 7s, 32GB $649
iPhone 7s, 128GB $749
iPhone 7s, 256GB $849
iPhone 7s Plus
iPhone 7s Plus, 32GB $769
iPhone 7s, 128GB $869
iPhone 7s, 256GB $969

Previous rumorsĀ did state a maximum price of $1,200, which these sources tend to confirm. We’re definitely looking at the era of premium iPhones, but when will it end?

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The Touch Bar doesn’t make a lot of sense on the Mac, but it will on iOS.

On macOS, developers may not want to use the Touch Bar. Users aren’t interacting with their Mac through direct touch anywhere else, and the bar is a bit out of the way. It’s been seen by reviewers as a gimmick. However, such a bar on iOS would be different. Users are already interacting with their devices with touch, and they can interact with their devices using just one hand, so adding a Touch Bar wouldn’t change much. In fact, you might think it makes less sense since the entire screen is already a touch area. Why add a Touch Bar at all? To replace utilitarian buttons, especially fingerprint-sensitive ones. 
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