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Case Molds Compare iPhone 8 Size to iPhone 7

Molds used to shape cases for future devices never come directly from Apple. Apple gives measurements to case manufacturers, and they make their cases to the precise specifications. Often, they’ll use molds like the ones pictured above for testing their cases out. With the detailed leaked schematics that have been floating around, one Weibo (Chinese Twitter, essentially) user leaked their molds for the iPhone 7s Plus, iPhone 8, and iPhone 7s. We can’t be certain that these are definitely based on the design for the iPhone 8, but if the leaks have been accurate, this leak shows, for the first time, the size comparison between Apple’s new device and their older designs. 
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Physical Mockup Shows the iPhone 8’s Design

These photos reveal yet another iPhone 8 mockup, this one in physical form, based on leaked schematics. We can see similar design elements across leaks now, and it’s starting to look like Apple has finalized their designs. There’s an edge to edge screen, stainless steel sides (which will likely be painted black to make the iPhone look like one seamless piece of glass), the vertical dual camera array, 2.5D curved glass on the front and back, and even that weird elongated screen lock button. There’s also no sign of a Touch ID sensor on the back of the device (see below), and of course, there’s no headphone jack present. However, there is one worrying design trend with a majority of these leaks, something that almost ruins the excitement for me: it still looks just like an iPhone 6 without a home button.
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iPhone 8 Could Feature 3D Cameras and Facial Recognition

Designed by Deuxani

In 2013, Apple acquired a company called Primesense. The company was known for using cameras and software to create 3D representations of the world around us. Some of that technology can be seen on the back of the iPhone 7 Plus, which has a portrait mode, capable of discerning the difference between your subject and your background, and applying a large aperture effect thought only possible with much larger cameras. The end result is a blurred background with subjects that “pop,” a dramatic look that’s perfect for portraits. I’ve been using an iPhone app, Big Lens, for years to manually create the same effect. Rumors are surfacing that claim dual camera technology will also move to the front of our iPhones with the iPhone 8. Not only do they say this will make our selfies look fantastic, but it also means Apple could use the “depth perception” the two cameras create to generate 3D images of a user’s face for facial recognition, which could have a number of uses in iOS or macOS. 
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iPhone 7 Sales Have Dropped, and We’re to Blame, According to Apple

Sales of the iPhone 7 have suspiciously slowed down more than iPhones usually do at this point in their lifecycle. Tim Cook blames us. More specifically, Tim Cook blames iPhone 8 leakers and people spreading leaks for a drop in demand, stating, “We are seeing a pause in purchases of the iPhone due to earlier and much more frequent reports about future iPhones.” People seeing how great the iPhone 8 will be are unlikely to want to waste money on the iPhone 7 right now. Cook’s definitely correct, the iPhone 8 leaks we’ve seen have shown off an incredible device that would be a fantastic leap forward in iPhone design, that would certainly cause interest in the current iPhone to drop. However, if the current iPhone wasn’t so shockingly lackluster, customers would still be buying it. 

Tim Cook’s trying to put the blame on iPhone 8 leakers, but he should really be looking at the iPhone 7 (above) a bit more closely. Whoops, sorry, that’s a three year old iPhone 6. You can tell because it still has the popular headphone jack at the bottom. Wait… no, it couldn’t be. Do you think? Could the uninspired iPhone 7 be Apple’s actual problem?
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iPhone 8 Schematics Show No Rear Touch ID, Possible Wireless Charging

We’re nearing the release of the iPhone 8, and leaks will begin to get more specific. Unfortunately, this one’s still nothing but a drawing, but it does confirm a number of rumors we’ve heard before, and is hopefully more accurate than some other drawings we’ve seen in the past. This drawing shows a sort of x-ray view of the iPhone 8, so we can see the vertical dual camera setup with flash between the lenses, and, perhaps most importantly to Apple fans, we can see that there’s no rear Touch ID! Besides that, there seems to be an outline on the back that looks suspiciously like a wireless charging pad. Wireless charging has been the biggest rumor about the next iPhone since the iPhone 7 was introduced, so it’s believed that this will be a core feature of Apple’s new phone. If the pad is indeed that large, the back of the iPhone will likely be glass to allow transmission. 

The iPhone 8 reveal is expected this fall, but it may not ship until early 2018 due to supply constraints with the new embedded Touch ID sensor. 

Leaked Schematics and Renders of iPhone 8 Show Disappointing Design

Meet the iPhone 8. Or, at least, that’s what famed leaker Sonny Dickson wants you to believe. He has a fantastic history with iPhone hardware leaks. His last big one? Revealing the iPhone 6 design, which has been used for the last three years on the iPhone lineup. That’s why his latest leak is troubling. Above, you can see a computer rendering of the schematics (below) he leaked earlier this week, apparently showing us the design of the upcoming iPhone 8, and a few things may jump out at iPhone fans. If you’ve been looking forward to an exciting new design with embedded Touch ID, wireless charging, or a glass back, you may be disappointed. But it’s not all bad news, some of the things revealed by this leak are actually promising. 
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iPhone 8 Rumors are Tough to Follow

Talk about a mixed bag. Rumors surrounding the tenth anniversary iPhone, the iPhone 8, which may be called the iPhone X or iPhone Edition (my bet), have been all over the place. Not only that, they seem to rehash rumors we’ve heard about nearly every single recent iPhone, and frequently contradict each other. There are the obvious ones that few seem to disagree on, such as wireless charging to make up for the sole Lightning port that currently cannot charge and play music to wired headphones at the same time, a glass back to accommodate that wireless charging, and a large screen with thin bezels. However, from there the rumors start to contradict each other. There are rumors that the front of the phone will be nearly bezel-less, hiding the home button, fingerprint reader, and even a camera under the screen. Then there’s the rumor that Apple couldn’t do this, and placed the home button on the back of the phone. Others say it’ll have the same bezels as the iPhone 7, but with no home button, at least not on the front. What can we possibly believe? Below, I’ve categorized the largest rumors according to their believability. Hopefully that’ll help us pain a picture of the new iPhone before we see it this fall. 
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