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Don’t Throw Away Your Eclipse Glasses, Donate Them!

Composite of 3 photos I took during the eclipse

A few months ago, I ordered up a bunch of eclipse glasses and a solar filter for my camera, knowing they’d be hard to come by closer to the eclipse. I was determined to see the eclipse in all its glory, as I’ve been waiting to see it for years, well over a decade. Fortunately, thanks to some fortune, weather apps, great friends, and one awesome road trip, I did get to see the event of a lifetime, a total solar eclipse. Maybe you did too. Maybe you just saw the partial eclipse. Hopefully you either used a pinhole viewer or used some form of solar filter to do it. If you used solar glasses, you might be wondering what do do with them now. They’re good for eclipses, to see the sun go through phases like the moon with your own two eyes, but for anything else, they’re kind of useless. You can’t use them with binoculars or a telescope (the focused light of the sun would burn a hole in them before you could even realize you’re blind), and even when looking at the sun with the glasses, you can’t see the details like sunspots, granulation, or solar prominences that you can see with a good solar telescope. So why bother keeping them? Unless you’re an eclipse chaser and plan on checking out future eclipses, you probably don’t need them anymore. Why not donate them to someone who will?

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