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An Accessory Manufacturer Has Confirmed Wireless Charging in the iPhone 8

Credit: Evan Blass, @evleaks

Leaks from third party accessory manufacturers aren’t new. The above photo is from a previous leak from noted leaker Evan Blass, who tweeted out the encased iPhone 8. Clearly he got ahold of some marketing materials, likely from someone who worked at the case manufacturer, and now we have it. Anonymous sources from people claiming to work at accessory manufacturers come in all the time, but those can’t always be trusted. Sure, someone has a good reason to wish to remain anonymous, they don’t want to lose their jobs, but an anonymous source can’t be confirmed as easily. Even with them telling us the same thing, there’s a chance they’re just repeating rumors. However, The Next Web spoke to two confirmed sources. One wished to remain anonymous, which TNW respected, but the other was willing to go on record. Allen Fung, GM at RAVPower, confirmed that the iPhone 8 would have wireless charging, and they’d have wireless charging accessories to sell for the iPhone 8 when it’s released.

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Here’s Why You Should Wait Until the Next iPhone: Wireless Charging

The iPhone 7 (and iPhone 7 Plus, obviously) is the best iPhone Apple has ever created. But it does have two flaws. The first is that it uses the iPhone 6 design, which is slippery, difficult to hold without a grippy case, and has giant bezels due to the size of the home button. The second is the fact that you can’t charge the iPhone 7 while you’re listen to music with wired headphones. Though those two flaws aren’t too big of a deal, I do think that someone with an iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, or iPhone SE will want to wait until the next iPhone, which is expected to be Apple’s most revolutionary redesign in years. 

Plus, the next iPhone will be the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, so you know Apple’s going to pull every trick they’ve got out of their sleeves. That could mean a phone that includes Liqiud Metal, ceramic, aluminum, glass, and sapphire, and the biggest reason to wait: wireless charging that will allow you to listen to music while you charge your phone. 
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