Hitachi-LG HyDrive SSD+ODD

Many people want a solid state drive in their computer, but can’t afford to replace their current hard drive with an SSD of equal size, or they aren’t willing to replace their optical disc drive (cd/dvd player) with a SSD. In comes the HyDrive concept. It’s an optical disc drive that also has a solid state drive, in 32GB and 64GB. Just large enough to use as a boot drive and for your games/applications. You could keep your files on your hard drive. This way, you get the performance boost from the SDD, with the storage space of your HDD for your files. But that’s not the only feature of this disc drive. It also is a great disc drive, able to quickly scan over errors in discs, and play back movies at a smooth rate, even if the disc is heavily damaged (video below).
According to a commenter who has worked on the project, there will be a slot loaded version, and there will be a bluray version. However, the bad news is that they will not be selling it individually right away. It will be available OEM in certain laptops. Of course, this is to increase sales of their laptops. Hopefully, they make this available to consumers to load into their laptops, because there’s no way I’d trade in my Mac for a PC because of a cool disc drive.
HyDrive handling a scratched disc:

HyDrive Booting and Multitasking:

via Engadget

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