What to expect from WWDC

Gizmodo has a nice long list summing this up, but I thought I’d take a crack at it (and making it shorter).

New iPhone
Well of course this is expected. The 4th generation of iPhone will be revealed during WWDC. This doesn’t necessarily mean it will go on sale right away though. The iPhone doesn’t always get released right after it’s announced. After all, how are people going to line up at the Apple store? How will the Apple Store employees prepare for the sudden inflow of customers? It’s doubtful that it will be released as it’s announced, however, the release can’t be far behind.
What will the new iPhone have? A higher resolution screen, a front facing camera, a new form factor, better battery life, a better processor, better camera, iBooks for iPhone, and iPhone OS 4, which will have plenty of new features. This much we’re certain of. Whether or not Apple has any secrets about iPhone OS 4 or the 4th generation iPhone has yet to be seen. 
Will there be a Verizon iPhone? That’s a tough one. There are many rumors going each way. Some say yes, Verizon will have an iPhone this year. Some say no, it will happen next summer. And other are saying never. Personally, I see it happening this year or the next year. It’s a 50/50 toss-up. 

There have been rumors that the TV would be updated with a new form factor, and iPhone OS. This could mean more features for the TV, such as apps, online content, and games, along with all the features of the old one, such as media sharing and storage. Hopefully this one is true, the TV could use a real update. 

Mac hardware updates
The MacBook Air and the Mac Pro could use an update. This will probably just be a performance upgrade for the two Macs. The MacBook Air has really been falling behind the other MacBooks, and could use some catch up. 

Safari update
Safari is one of the few browsers that doesn’t have extensions. While I personally just like the speed, and don’t need the extensions, others do. The update would make it easier for developers to add features to Safari, without having to make a plugin. This rumor has been hinted at before, and the last big Safari update was announced during WWDC. 

One more thing: iTunes Live
Apple acquired Lala a while back, and has just shut down its music streaming service. Many point out that this could mean that iTunes will soon have a streaming service. Apple has also registered the “iTunes Live” trademark, which points to a new streaming service. 

And there you have it. Apple could still have some surprises for us, but here’s a list of what we can expect (or predict). 

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