Unlimited Data is dying

AT&T recently killed their unlimited data plan for the iPhone and iPad, as well as other mobile devices. Verizon is looking to do the same. Service providers claim it’s to help people who don’t use much data pay less, but then why not allow heavy data users pay more for unlimited? Because they’re hoping you go over their limit. Now, instead of enjoying Pandora radio, you’ll have to worry if the streaming service will use too much of your data. Overage charges are quite expensive, and they rack up quick. What’s worse is that new features are data heavy. Video calling, Skype, or streaming video or music use a lot of data, which is exactly what the wireless corporations are hoping for. Maybe that’s why AT&T now finally allows tethering with the iPhone. It’s a lot easier to go over your limit if you’re on your computer.

So be sure to check your bill, and watch your usage. For those with an unlimited plan now, make sure you know how much you’re using a month, that way it won’t be so different if you’re forced to switch to a plan with a data limit. 

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