Apple has Gay Pride

I noticed this today on the homepage of iTunes. Towards the bottom is a section labeled “Gay Pride”. In it, Apple’s placed music by lgbt artists or supporters, movies such as Brokeback Mountain, The Birdcage, Transamerica, and Capote. There are also television shows with gay characters, and apps, like Buying for Equality, which lists companies with a pro-gay track record.
Apple would be pretty high on that list. If you’ll remember, Apple donated $100k towards stopping Proposition 8, which looked to revoke the rights to gays and lesbians to marry in California. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to fight the “Vote Yes on Prop 8” (which got funding from the Mormon church) campaign, which lead voters to believe that they were voting for something else. Prop. 8 passed, revoking the right to marry for same sex couples. Still, Apple should be commended for supporting equal rights.

If you’d like to support gay rights and artists, head over to iTunes.

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