WWDC Summary: Absolutely everything you want to know

I’ve summed this up in as few words as possible. There’s a lot here, and a lot of new things to be excited about.
Steve started off discussing the iPad. Though there wasn’t much added for it, there were some stats posted. For example, the iPad has 22% of all ebook sales. Also, users can now add notes to their iBooks, and there’s a page of contents that has these notes, as well as all of your bookmarks. Also, pdf viewing has been added to iBooks.

He then went into some stats on the app store. For example, there are 15,000 apps submitted per week, and 95% are approved within a week. That’s 14,250 new apps a week. What about those 5% that aren’t approved. Well, they aren’t women with their ankles showing, Steve claims they’re apps that
don’t function as advertised, use private APIs, or crash.

It was announced that Netflix would be on the iPhone as well. The app is free, and you can pick up movies right where you left off.

Farmville will be on the iPhone, for those addicted to the Facebook game. Also, Guitar Hero has been improved, and it’s on the iPhone for just $2.99.

Okay, here’s what everyone’s been expecting. iPhone 4.
Steve makes a joke about how we’ve already seen the new iPhone. Apple got the last laugh, Gizmodo didn’t go to the event. Why should Apple give them free tickets anyway?


  • Made of Glass and Steel. Extremely durable, high quality, and looks great. 
  • Front and back facing camera (with flash). 
  • 24% thinner than the last iPhone
  • Steel border is part of the antenna system, improving the signal strength
  • A4 Processor (same as the one in the iPad)
  • 960 x640 pixels on the screen for a 326 ppi. That’s more than the human retina can see. 800:1 contrast ratio. That’s 78% of the pixels on the iPad, despite the fact that the iPad is twice the size. 
  • Wireless 802.11n for more speed over WiFi
  • Added a gyroscope, which, with the accelerometer, makes incredibly accurate motion detection. Steve even used it to play Jenga on screen. He was really good, but he says he’s been practicing. Games are going to get a lot more interactive now that they can track motion this well. Using the accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope will make apps extremely aware of how you’re holding and moving your iPhone.
  • This is the thinnest smartphone on the market!
The new camera system for iPhone
This is something we should comment on as well. The new camera is a huge improvement. Rather than subscribing to the megapixel myth like other phone companies, Apple focused on making a camera that could take high quality photos. It has a 5 megapixel density, and the pixels aren’t distorted in any way like some larger megapixel cell phone cameras. The camera can also record 720p video at 30 fps. Also, the camera can focus on objects with a tap on the screen, for stills and for video. Also, there’s a flash. 
The camera takes some amazing looking photos and video. 
The new camera takes amazing photos

iMovie for iPhone
The iPhone will be getting iMovie as well, and it looks pretty good. For just $4.99 you get hd video editing, transitions, effects, titles, themes, and more. It’s just what you’d expect iMovie to be.

Facetime. That’s what Apple’s calling their video calling feature. Right on stage Steve calls Jony Ive, and they have a discussion over video. Facetime only works over WiFi, and let’s face it, with AT&T’s new data plans, you wouldn’t want to use this over their network. The app works with portrait or landscape. In a commercial, they show friends and family connecting, and people signing over video. Now people who are deaf won’t have to communicate only over text and picture messages. Facetime uses all open standards too. 

iOS 4
The iPhone OS has been renamed iOS for the 4th edition. It has all the features I’ve covered in my article on iPhone OS 4. They did add that iBooks will be on the iPhone now, and it’s just like the iPad. Also, Bing can now be used for search. Finally, they mentioned the price tag. Free. Even for iPod Touch users, the upgrade will be free. 
The iPhone 4 will be $199 for the 16gb model, $299 for the 32gb model. The iPhone 3GS is available for $99. All of this is through AT&T, who definitely has made it possible for customers to upgrade sooner.  You’ll be able to get it June 24th
There was nothing about Safari 5, Xcode 4, Verizon, the Magic Trackpad, or any of the other rumors. But then again, WWDC is a week long event, so they could be coming up.

And there you have it, that’s everything that went down at WWDC. Reading this is a lot easier than sitting around for 2 hours waiting for all the details to come out!

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