Safari’s Reader

I’m surprised Apple hasn’t said more about Safari 5. The new features are quite impressive. One of the coolest new features is the Reader. On sites with articles a button appears in the address bar. Clicking this button will bring up the Reader, which removes distractions from the web page, giving you just the article. For those of you who prefer a keyboard shortcut, press Command + Shift + R to bring up the reader. I’ve found the reader only comes up for normal sized posts, not blurbs. This post should make the button appear if you’re using Safari 5.

I really like the Reader for a number of reasons. The first, and obvious reason, is that it removes the clutter, and makes for a better reading experience. The other reason is the way it removes this clutter. Instead of loading the page without ads, it loads the page normally. This means that unlike ad blockers, advertisers still get their ads seen. I mentioned this before, but ad blockers may be hurting the internet economy. With something like the Safari Reader though, people will still see the ads, but they won’t be in the way or interfering with the content in any way.

Safari’s reader really is a great feature. Check it out in the newest version of Safari.

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