Google Search Backgrounds

If you’re like me, you haven’t visited since their Pacman doodle. The search bar in Safari (and any other browser) works just fine for me. Still, for those of you who do use the page, you may find it interesting that Google now lets users change the background. You don’t have to stick with plain white anymore. If you use Google as your homepage, you could have some fun with it. While I don’t use the page, I thought it would be neat if the page blended almost seamlessly with my desktop background.

To make this, I took two screenshots, one with my browser open, and one with the browser closed.
Then I selected the browser’s window. I copied the entire screenshot that didn’t have the Safari window, and used “Paste Into” in Photoshop to put the image in the browser window.
Then I cropped the image, and it was all finished up. A seamless fit!
Maybe I’ll visit more often now that it looks so darn good.

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