The new Xbox 360

Microsoft officially announced their updated Xbox 360 today. It’s slimmer, has Wifi N, a 250GB internal hard drive (which is still replaceable), runs quieter, more USB ports, and a special port for the Kinect.
It also features touch sensitive controls for the on/off button and the eject button. While it has HDMI out, a cable is not provided. I recommend getting one online, as you avoid the huge markups. Check out for a 10ft Enforcity HDMI cable for only 30¢.

It’s made quieter by two small fans, and one larger one. Hopefully this also keeps it cooler. Heat was the primary issue of the red ring of death, and a smaller system needs better cooling to avoid these issues. The controller has also changed slightly, and is more angular looking, like the system.
via Gizmodo

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