Xbox 360 leaks

Two accidental leaks could point out what Microsoft has prepared for E3 this Tuesday. First off, is the Xbox 360 Slim. Of course, that may not be the exact name Microsoft is going with, since Sony went with “Slim” for it’s new PS3, however the console does look slimmer. This leak comes from Italian site “Console Tribe”, and apparently, it was ran as an ad on the site. The text reads something along the lines of “You live today for the technology of tomorrow”. Clearly the device is an Xbox 360, but it certainly isn’t a unit Microsoft is currently selling.

This also comes along with the final name for Microsoft’s movement based gaming device, Project Natal. The system will be called “Kinect”. Obviously, a conjunction of the words “kinetic” and “connect”.

E3 starts this Tuesday, and goes until Thursday. This is a chance for many electronics companies, especially gaming companies, to announce new products and features.
via Kotaku

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