New Unibody Mac Minis

Well this was a surprise. There were rumors of a refresh for a while now, but nothing this big. Of course, hind sight 20/20, we should have expected something like this.

This is the new Unibody Mac Mini. It’s been redesigned inside and out.
They’ve added the new Nvidia 320M graphics processor, which really boosts graphics performance.
As far as ports go, they added hdmi out, and an sd card slot.
The processor is a 2.4 or a 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, and it can support up to 8GB of ram.
You might also notice that the mini is a while lot smaller. But that size doesn’t make it harder to upgrade. You can open the bottom up to replace the ram with great ease.

Apple still offers the Mini server option, which gets rid of the optical drive and substitutes it for another 500GB hard drive, giving the Mac Mini up to a terabyte of storage. This option also comes with Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server, allowing it to act as your server for a home network or business.
And, seeing as how the Mini uses so little electricity, it works great as a server in any business or home. At home you can use it for streaming media to all of your devices, storing your files, and printing. At the office, it can store records, or even host a small website.

Apple hasn’t forgotten their tiniest desktop, they were just making it better.
via Gizmodo and Apple

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