The Nintendo 3DS

Today Nintendo showed off their latest handheld, the Nintendo 3DS. While they didn’t say when it would be available, or how much it would cost, Nintendo did manage to show off the new device and its features.

While at first glance, it might not look too different, a longer look will reveal a number of new features.

  • The top screen is wider
  • There’s an analog stick, as well as a dpad
  • The graphics are much better than the current DS
  • The display is a 3D display, and it doesn’t require glasses
Yeah, that last one’s the amazing part. The new DS screen is 3D, and you can adjust the depth, all the way down to two dimensions, if you’re not a fan of things popping off the screen. Also, instead of one camera on the back, there are now two. The two cameras allow for stereoscopic, 3D images to be taken with the 3DS. There’s also still a camera facing the user. 
The 3DS has WiFi wireless, but no cellular service. It also has a motion sensor and gyroscope so you can control games by tilting or moving the device. 
Just when you thought smart phones were going to completely take over the portable gaming market, Nintendo ups the ante. 

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