An issue with 3D Cameras

Updated image looks better 

Have you seen a 3D movie recently? Did you happen to notice that the objects that seemed to come close to your face began to look cross eyed, and were impossible to focus on? The problem is that the camera lenses on a 3d camera only stare right forward. Look at the text on your screen and hold your finger about an inch in front of your nose. You see two fingers, don’t you? If you want to make one image of your finger, you have to cross your eyes.

Cameras need to do this as well. Just as cameras in the past have had macro settings for getting close to something, 3D cameras will have the ability to focus on closer objects by moving the censors like your eyes. Without this, 3D will never work without causing eye strain.
As you can see, the lenses can angle themselves inward, which allows for better 3D images. Things reall will look like they’re flying at you (for once).

As for me, I’m off to the patent office… Okay… I don’t know how to patent anything.

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