Angry Birds: Great Game, Smart Developers

Angry Birds is quite an addictive game. After playing the demo I finally decided to download it a while back. I’ve been addicted ever since. It’s a simple game, where you help some birds get their eggs back, which seem to have been stolen by a bunch of rowdy, green pigs.
It’s been #1 on the paid app store, and has a very high rating. How have they done it?
First off, they have a good app. It has highly addictive gameplay, and it’s a good game. It appeals to everyone, young and old. It can be played anywhere, as it doesn’t take a while to load, doesn’t require headphones, and you can easily stop and pick up where you left off later.
Secondly, it’s cheap. You can buy it on an impulse, and it gives you hours of gameplay for just $1.

But a lot of apps on the app store have this, why aren’t they as popular? How does Angry Birds have such a high rating?
This is because of one simple prompt you get when the game loads. After you’ve played for a while, a prompt comes up asking you if you’d like to review the product. This means people who like the game rate it. This keeps the ratings high. Seem unfair?

It’s not. When a person deletes an app, they’re asked to rate it. If you’re deleting the app, don’t you think that person is going to give it a lower rating? Of course they are. But asking the user to rate the app after they’ve used it for a while is a perfect example of how the rating system should work. Most people who like their app don’t go back to iTunes to rate it. They just use the app, and don’t worry about rating it. This means that even if more people like an app than people who dislike the app, it will still get a lower rating, because only people deleting the app will care.

In app rating is an excellent idea. It makes sure that developers that make a great app get the attention they deserve for it. Apple should implement in app rating in the API, so developers can have their users rate their app at any time, without having to go into the app store. It’s one of the elements of Angry Birds’ success, and could help out many more developers.

If you’d like, you can download Angry Birds here. It’s just a buck, and you’ll end up sinking many hours into it.

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