Power Hour Video/Screensaver

I got in the mood to play around with Quartz Composer on my Mac. I didn’t know what I’d make for a while, but eventually, I landed on “make a drinking game”.
Many people know how to do a power hour. It’s a drinking game where you do a shot every minute. People often have trouble keeping time though. I’ve found a countdown and a clock reading how many shots are left work perfectly, so that’s what I made. This counts down the seconds until your next shot, and tells you how many are left. Mac users can install it as a screensaver, and the video will run on any computer.
Just start up the movie, throw it in fullscreen, and enjoy your Power Hour. I may make an actual app for this, with an audio prompt to take a shot. However, until then, this works great for power hours. Enjoy, and remember, be responsible when drinking.
*Legal stuff*
Don’t drink underage, don’t drink and drive, don’t drink too much, drinking’s bad, m’kay, fall asleep on your side, don’t piss off cops, don’t be drunk in public, etc. 
You agree I hold absolutely no responsibility for your actions by using this software. You screw up, it’s your fault. 

Download here

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