Microsoft Kin is dead

It didn’t take long for Microsoft to kill their new phone, the Kin. Bad sales and low interest lead to the termination of the product.
The phone was sold as a smartphone, but it clearly lacked the features of a full-fledged smart phone. Because of this, customers would have to pay high monthly fees, without the features of a good smartphone. Many customers stayed away from it. For those who didn’t, Microsoft will still offer support, but updates are unlikely. The people working on the Kin have been reassigned to work on Windows Phone 7 Series.
The Kin was less than 6 months old. At least Microsoft didn’t keep the charade going and pulled the plug on this failed project before they poured more time, effort, and money into it.
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One comment on “Microsoft Kin is dead
  1. To be fair, this phone thoroughly sucked; and saying it sucked is an understatement. The phone felt cheap, the OS was unpleasant to the eye, the mere lack of outside applications was ultimate fail. I am not sure what any of the companies in question were thinking

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