Cupidtino’s Doing Great

Yeah, I bet you love Apple now

Cupidtino, the dating site for Apple fans, now has over 22,000 members. That’s a lot of singles looking for love (from their Macs). To sign up for Cupidtino’s service, you’ll need an Apple product. The service is exclusive to Apple owners. You’ll need an iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, or Mac to sign up. After that, it’s $5 per month to receive messages (you can create a profile for free).
I think I qualify to create a profile… I have 3 Macs, 3 iPods, an iPhone 4 on the way, and I run a tech news blog with a lot of focus on Apple.
At first, I thought the idea was a bit silly. But I can see some validity in it. You end up with a person who shares a lot of the same interests. It’s not necessarily all about the Apple products, rather what you use them for.
I get it, I’m just not ready to sign up just yet.

I signed up. Looks like I was ready for a profile. Check out my post here.

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