Phone Disk for Mac: Access Your iPhone’s Files

I’m sure you’ve had a reason to access the files on your iPod or iPhone at one point or another. Whether it’s because you jailbroke your device, you want to use some of that disk space as a flash drive, or another reason, I’m sure you’ve wanted a way to do that through the Finder. Phone Disk for Mac solves your problem, by allowing you to access the files on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch connected to your computer. The app runs in the background, waiting for you to connect your iOS device. Once you connect it, your device will show up on the desktop. It works just like a flash drive from there. It’s free right now, but won’t be come September. You might want to get it now if you plan on using it in the future.

But; be careful. If you delete an important file, you may have to restore your iPhone/iPad/iPod through iTunes. And that means you’ll lose the data for some of your apps, this includes books downloaded with Stanza.
via LifeHacker

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