11.6″ MacBook Air and iPod Touch?

Digitimes reports that Apple is preparing two more updates for 2010. The first update would be to the MacBook Air, which hasn’t changed too much on the outside since it was released. Now it seems Apple will be changing a few things on it. Apparently, it will be getting an 11.6 inch screen, and a slimmer design, making it more portable than ever. It will also see a processor upgrade, to one of Intel’s new i-series processors (most likely the i3). Apparently, it will use very little power. 
I don’t know how Apple will increase the power, while decreasing the size so much, but if there’s any merit to this rumor, the update will be an impressive one.
The same source also claims that they have details on the next iPod Touch, to be updated this fall. Apparently, it will have a 3megapixel camera, capable of video and still photos, as well as Apple’s A4 processor, the same one that’s in the iPhone and iPad. While it’s certain that the iPod Touch will be updated this fall, any details on it are still unknown. 

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