iPhone Reception Issue? Officially Made Up

Apple has confirmed what over 99% of people with an iPhone 4 has known: there is no reception issue.
Apple showed today that all phones drop to 1 or no bars when held in the same way as the iPhone 4. They showed it on a Blackberry, Android phone, and Windows Mobile phone.

They also gave this little tidbit: only .55% of users have said anything about it (probably read some claim on Gizmodo). That’s out of 3 million iPhones sold within the last 3 weeks. The return rate is less than that of the iPhone 3GS too, again proving that people are happy with their iPhones.

This is Apple’s best iPhone to date.

News companies, stop looking to make money off of ads and check your facts before trying to deceive your readers for the purpose of profit.
via Engadget

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