Apple isn’t perfect, we just think it is

During today’s press conference, Apple said “we’re not perfect”. And this is something people need to remember.
The iPhone loses a bit of reception when held, just like every other phone. And yet, people expect it to somehow behave differently than every other phone.
And besides losing a bit of reception is hardly an issue when compared to other phones.

For example, let’s compare the iPhone 4 with my current phone. It crashes when sending text messages, it’s dropped calls, the screen sometimes goes blank, the touch screen is horribly inaccurate, they keyboard is small and hard to use, the browser bites, there are no good apps, music is impossible to listen to, no movies, no games, and the sound quality is horrible. It’s a Samsung Glyde, and they’ve done next to nothing to improve it. A while back, there was a software update. However, this fixed none of the problems. Do you see people throwing Glydes through windows? People demanding cases or recalls? Nope (and if any phone needs a recall, it’s the Glyde). Has Samsung had to apologize to anyone? Nope. In fact… no one cares about it, because no one really expects greatness out of Samsung.

So is all this commotion because Apple’s held in such high esteem? Partially. It’s not just that people expect near perfection from Apple, it also has to do with the great motivator: money.
News companies make more money if you both view their home page, as well as go into their articles (no, I don’t make money this way, which is why you can read the full stories from the home page). So, by writing sensationalist, tabloid-like stories, they’re able to make more money. And it’s not just blogs like Gizmodo or BGR doing this. Consumer Reports goes back on their recommendation for the iPhone, despite the fact that they gave it the highest score for any smartphone. CNN posts polls phrased like “Has Apple done enough to fix the issues?”. What issues, CNN? The ones every phone manufacturer has, but only Apple is giving out free products for? Fox news covered the story, but left out all the real details, making it seem like only the iPhone had the issue.

So why make Apple look like a failure? Because stories about great companies falling interest a lot of people. There’s the people who want to see Apple fail (Android fanboys and Steve Balmer), the people who love Apple products and don’t want their favorite company go down, and people like the Joker, who just want to watch the world burn.
And while that last category was a joke, it closely resembles this situation. CNN, Fox, Gizmodo, Bloomberg, BGR, etc, can sit back, watch the flame war, and rake in the dollars.

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