Apple Pulls iChatr App Down

I previously mentioned iChatr, the ChatRoulette like app for the iPhone 4, which connected you with random people. Apple pulled the app down because people were using it to “expose themselves”. So it has shared the same fate as ChatRoulette. Nothing but guys either exposing themselves, or asking random girls to expose themselves.

The app was rated 17+, and parental controls blocks those apps if you want them too. Which leads me to question why the app needed to be pulled. If children can’t use the app, why does it matter?

Then again, I bet the same people who haven’t even tried to use parental controls are the same people who complain about this sort of thing. When will parents take responsibility for their own kids instead of relying on the rest of society to censor everything for them?

What a shame. A developer works hard to make this software, and their app gets pulled because parents are too lazy to set up parental controls.
via Gizmodo

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