Phone Makers in Denial After Apple’s Press Conference

It’s not too surprising that RIM and Nokia have come out saying that their phones have great antenna designs. They never deny that the signal drops, they simply point fingers at Apple, saying that Apple’s dragging them into a problem exclusive to Apple.

Exclusive to Apple? I’m sorry, did you sleep through the part of the demonstration where they showed all the phones losing reception by being held normally?

I challenge you. Hold your phone. Unless you have a phone with an extendable antenna, you’re going to see the signal drop by at least one bar, even in good service areas.
But hey, news companies get more money if the keep pretending the iPhone has an issue, and other phone companies can see higher sales if they pretend their phones are perfect.

At least the only thing anyone can say about the iPhone is that .¬†55% of people have an issue with the reception. And despite that “problem”, many companies, including Consumer Reports and Engadget, have labeled the iPhone as the best smartphone on the market.
via Engadget [1][2]

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