Bloatware Lives on Android

It looks like Android phones and PCs are in the same boat on this one. Both come with bloatware, software you don’t want or need preloaded on the device. Most of the time, these are trials, and they’ll pester you to upgrade until you remove the software. However, on Android devices, it’s more than an annoyance. The bloatware can’t be removed from the phone. You’re stuck with their apps, or even their trail software. It will continue to bug you until you find a way to make it stop, or buy the software. Some people have done this just to stop it from pestering them.

The only way to actually get rid of the bloatware is to root the device, the Android version of jailbreaking. Android proponents would have you believe that their phones are 100% customizable. This certainly isn’t the case.

It was said that part of the reason Apple didn’t go with Verizon originally was because Verizon wanted to put their own software on the device, and Apple wouldn’t let them. Other manufactures, it seems, welcome bloatware, and the Android platform (and it’s users) are suffering because of it.
via Gizmodo

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