Apple Pulls App Because of One Photo

An app was pulled because of the photo above. While the photo wasn’t even in the app, it was just a screen shot for the iTunes page. Apple deemed it inappropriate, as she appears to be nude, although she could be wearing a strapless shirt, in which case she’d be allowed to walk around in public… but not allowed on the App Store. The app was allowed back on the app store as soon as this image was removed. ¬†What was this app in question? One of those mirror apps. If your kids use the app and see this image, you may have a very strange problem.

I say this again: parents use parental controls so the rest of us don’t have to deal with everything being censored for your children. As we grow up, we’re supposed to gain the rights to watch what we want, use the apps we want, etc. And yet, because most parents don’t take the time to see what their kids are doing on the computer, we’re brought down to their level. It’s a shame.
via Gizmodo

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