Magic Trackpad, Cinema Displays, iMacs, and 12 Core Mac Pros

The Apple store is back up, and Apple’s posted 4 new updates. The first of which is the Magic Trackpad. Now desktop users can enjoy all the multitouch goodness that MacBook users have been using. They also get a larger surface for those multitouch gestures. It’s nearly 80% larger than the trackpads on the MacBook Pros, which are already very large, possibly the largest in the industry. The trackpad will set you back $69, but for anyone who prefers a multitouch trackpad to a mouse (myself included) it’s a decent price. It uses bluetooth and two AA batteries, which are included. That leads me to Apple’s second addition: a battery charger for AA batteries. But this isn’t just any battery charger. For $29, you get 6 NiMH batteries, and a charger with the least “vampier draw” in class. This means that even when you’re not charging, it uses less power than other chargers. Even if you don’t have an Apple device, this is a great deal for a battery charger and rechargeable batteries. I may just get it to replace my dying rechargeable and my ancient (in tech years) charger.

Next up is the new Cinema Display. It’s just like the 24″ except bigger, and a bit brighter. The new display is 27″, and still has the same 1000:1 contrast ratio. It will be available in September

The iMacs were updated as well. They include new Core i3, i5, and i7 processors, giving them a big boost in power, without a boost in price. The iMac is still one of the best options for a desktop computer, and it fits in such a small space!

Finally, we come to the most powerful Mac ever. The new Mac Pro has support for 12 cores now. If you thought the last Mac Pros were overkill, then this should put you back in your seat. 2.93 Ghz over 12 cores? Now that’s power. Use it to game, process movies, or take over the world. I’m sure it’s capable of all of that.

via Gizmodo and Apple (Battery Charger)

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