The iPhone 4

White bumper on a black iPhone

Writing a review of this phone would be a bit crazy. There’s so many reviews out there, and they’ve been out there for quite a while. Besides, writing a long review takes me away from my iPhone! I will, however, go over some of my favorite things about this phone, and discuss a certain reception issue.

Actually, I’ll start out with that reception issue… or lack there of. I found that placing my finger over the line on the bottom left corner had no effect on bars or loading time, and that even “choking” the phone with two hands, the so called death grip, caused a drop of only one or two bars, at most. That’s much less than the drops seen in other phones.
Where did this rumor come from? Good question. Perhaps Apple’s software fix for the signal display made it more accurate, and thus, it may have made the problem disappear. Or maybe news companies were just looking to make money by reporting on a problem with the iPhone, and Android fanboys were happy to chime in. Whatever the reason, I can’t say, but I can say this: there is no reception issue.

Now, on to my experience with this phone. I’ve been playing with my iPhone 4 for the past 4 hours (no joke) and it’s everything I had hoped it would be. It’s fast, incredibly fast. And, when multitasking, apps launch immediately. Even when the apps aren’t already open, they still launch incredibly quickly. Safari loads and opens a page in a second or two (even with the death grip). Games run amazingly fast, and look beautiful. The apps that were made especially for the iPhone look even better.

Syncing and setting up the iPhone was very easy as well. I imported my settings from my iPod Touch, added a few more apps and videos, and I was done. The syncing was much faster on the iPhone 4 than on my iPod Touch.

As far as the design, pictures are worth 1,000 words, so I’ll only use a few. It’s sleek, light, and gorgeous. Steve Jobs compared it to an old Leica camera. While I think Leicas look great, I think he may have been understating the beauty of the iPhone.

And that display you’ve heard so much about? I have excellent vision, and I can’t see the pixels. There are a few app icons that haven’t been updated where there’s scaling, making it seem like you can see the pixels. But what look like pixels are actually a group of 4 similarly colored pixels. It’s impossible to see any pixels normally.

Also, don’t forget that the iPhone comes with headphones, which include a mic and in-line controls, as well as a compact usb charger.

This is by far the best phone I’ve ever used. Using it is a joy, and fortunately, it’s got a million and one uses. I can tell you this: if you get an iPhone you won’t be disappointed. Now, I’m going back to playing with it. I’ve been using it for over 4 hours, and I still haven’t found a reason to put it down.

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  1. On a side note, yes that is a white bumper on a black iPhone. I think it looks really good. I think the phone looks a tad bit better without it, but as far as cases go, it's a good looking one, and does a good job of protecting it. I got it for it's protection value, not because of the supposed reception issue. But hey, the bumper was free anyway.

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