iPod Touch Becomes a Sprint Phone with ZTE Peel

This case has been approved by the FCC. It apparently adds phone capabilities to the iPod Touch. The Peel will add calling, texting, and an extra long battery to your iPod Touch. Sure, you can make calls with Skype, and send text messages through email, but can you do that away from WiFi? Nope. You can see that it has a Sprint logo on it here. There hasn’t been much more info on it yet, or whether or not it requires an app for the functions. If so, that app would have to be approved by Apple, unless the iPod requires jailbreaking.

Either way, this little guy slipped past everyone until today, and it’s pretty exciting for iPod Touch owners looking for a little more. Or, for anyone who wants an iPhone, but doesn’t want an AT&T contract.
via Engadget and BGR

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