As Many as 4.6 Million Android Users Data Stolen?

If you downloaded an Android app by Jakeey Wallpaper, you could be one of the millions to have their data sent to a Chinese firm. Anywhere between 1.1m and 4.6m have been affected by this, without even knowing about it. Browsing history, texts, voicemail passwords, and sim card data has been sent to this Chinese Firm. Since Android apps don’t have an approval process, there was no way of knowing that this app, or any app on the Android Marketplace, could be stealing your data.

Previously, people complained about Google’s Killswitch, which could pull apps off the market and off your phone. Although it seems that if they had better security for getting app on their marketplace, they wouldn’t need to yank them off people’s phones after they’ve already done damage.
via Gizmodo

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