New Kindle Announced

Today Amazon announced a new Kindle. The new Kindle comes with a number of new features, and a new price tag. It’s $139 for the WiFi only version and $189 for the 3G version, which uses AT&T. The screen is 6 inches, like the last model (the Kindle, not the Kindle DX, mind you). It’s a bit slimmer, lighter, and the keys/rocker are slimmer. The screen refresh rate is said to have improved, and the contrast has been improved as well. The software within it isn’t too different, although the webkit browser has apparently been improved as well. Apparently Amazon is also offering a jacket accessory for it that includes a small light for the screen. If you’ll remember, the e-ink screen on the Kindle needs light to be viewed, and doesn’t refresh as quickly as a normal screen, but it gives it excellent battery life.

The Kindle will come in white or granite, and will be available soon from Amazon.
via Engadget

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