Why Doesn’t Best Buy Advertise Apple Products?

I’ve seen a number of commercials for Android phones from Best Buy, as well as a number of PCs from Best But as well. But I’ve never seen an ad for Apple products from Best Buy. Why could this be?
Well, there could be a few reasons. The iPhone sold out at Best Buys on the first day. Any time I go into a Best Buy, there’s always a good sized group around the iPads and Macs. In fact, last time I couldn’t even get to an iPad. They sell Apple products just fine, they don’t really need to advertise their Apple products. They’re one of the few brick and mortar stores selling them, and that gives them a leg up on everyone else.

The second reason, and one that wasn’t initially apparent to me, is that Apple might not let them. There may be a provision in their agreement that prohibits Best Buy from releasing their own commercials. The commercials for Apple’s devices are often highly stylized. Apple doesn’t want to have their products look as cheap as their competitors. So, instead of having many commercials, they have a few of their own, emotionally significant ads. After thinking of this, I began to think this may be the primary reason.

Whatever the reason, you don’t see companies like Best Buy advertising their Apple products. They don’t need to, and they may not be allowed to.

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