New iPod Nanos and MacBook Airs?

When the first iPod Touch was released, I expected Apple to create a touch version of their iPod Nano, drop the price on it, and get rid of the iPod Shuffle.
However, that update never came. Apple now has some 1.7″ touch screens, according to a previous report. It looks like the new iPod Nano may be getting these. According to¬†BMO Capital analyst Keith Bachman, the Nano would be shrinking in size, ditching the clickwheel, and replacing the iPod Shuffle.
What would the OS look like? I highly doubt it will run iOS. Instead, it will run a new nano OS, similar to the current one. Gestures could be used for playing, pausing, next, or last. For example, swiping can change the song, where sliding your finger up or down could control the volume. The screen would display the track info. Of course, these are just guesses.

He also claims that two new MacBook Air models are on the way. Along with a performance boost, they’d be seeing lower prices as well. Past rumors also stated that there would be a smaller MacBook Air as well, with an 11.6 inch screen. This would allow it to create a market of it’s own. As of now, it’s just a thinner, more expensive MacBook. But, with a smaller screen, it would be a lot more portable.

All of this could be announced as early as the 17th of this month, although it’s more likely that these will be announced in September.
via MacRumors

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