Another Verizon iPhone Rumor

Hurray! Another Verizon iPhone Rumor! Gotta just love those Verizon rumors. The good news is that the sources are becoming more reliable. The bad news is, this would be the 5,000 Verizon iPhone rumor, and so far, none have them have come through. But here’s some hope for you: this one has a bunch of details that come with it. For example, the supposed iPhone has been code named N92. It’s currently in the Engineering Verification Test phase. Apparently, this comes right before a product reaches the field test phase. And after that, it’s released. According to John Gruber, this places the Verizon iPhone at a January release date. Gruber mentions that this isn’t necessarily a Verizon phone. All he knows is that Apple is testing a CDMA phone, which could be Verizon or Sprint.
Or course, with Verizon moving to their LTE network in November, would a CDMA phone in January make much sense? Unless, of course, the iPhone will work on both networks.

I’ll tell you one thing, I really hope I don’t have to keep posting these rumors. I want to see this phone released already, so I don’t have to keep writing about it.
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