iPhone Users get Lucky 2x as much as Android Users

As if you didn’t have enough reasons to want an iPhone. A study done by dating site Ok Cupid showed that male iPhone owners will have on average 4 more sexual partners than male Android users, and female iPhone users will have slightly over twice the number of sexual partners.

Does this mean that iPhone owners are more attractive, or that they just live a more wild lifestyle?

The study also found that the quality of a photograph changed people’s perception of attractiveness. Naturally lit photos with a low depth of field produces the best results. Among camera phones, the iPhone had second place for creating the most attractive photographs, and lost by a very small amount.
Odd, huh?
Well, there you have it. If you want to look great in photos, and get lucky often, you’ll want an iPhone… or maybe the type of people who own iPhones get lucky often…
As usual, the study doesn’t attempt to explain causation, rather just the results themselves.
via Gizmodo

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