Android Nazi Themes

On the iPhone App Store, about the only thing that comes up when you search “Nazi” is Nazi Zombies, which is an awesome game.
However, on the Android marketplace, if you even search “Jewish” you’ll be in for an unpleasant surprise. A number of Nazi themes will show up, so you can show your hate for an entire people with your phone.

Hopefully Google takes this down. Although, with no approval process, there’s no guarantee they’ll do anything. Google likes to claim they’re uncensored. If they start censoring this, where will they stop? While no one (except racist Nazis) would be able to complain about the removal of this app, you have to wonder where they’d stop. In the US, hate speech is protected under our constitution.
As it stands now, the Google Android Marketplace still has the app. I think it should be taken down, and few are disagreeing. Still, people are starting to wonder where the line has to be drawn for censorship in the Google marketplace. It will be interesting to see how Google handles this.
via Engadget

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