Flash Updated for Macs

Flash 10.1 has been updated for the Mac, and now the hardware acceleration that was in the Gala beta has made it into the full version.
The update means that Flash won’t make your cpu do all the work, as it will use the processing power of your graphics card. This means Flash will run smoother, and consume less of your battery.

However, not all Macs are supported. You’re going to need a Mac with non-Intel graphics. Trust me, they wouldn’t be able to give Flash much of a boost at all anyway.
If you have a Mac with a NVidia GeForce 9400M or better, (your Mac came after 2009) it’ll run for you.

Unfortunately this does mean that many Mac users won’t be able to use the update. However, you’re most likely going to update eventually, and then you’ll be watching Flash videos with hardware acceleration.
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