Wii Getting Tablet Peripheral

Comic via Penny-Arcade

Oh my, the foresight these men have. Surely they are the Nostradamus(es) of our era.
Then again, when it comes to the Wii, think of something gimmicky and you’ve probably got yourself a hit.
Here’s the real thing:

And, to be honest, it doesn’t sound too crazy or gimmicky. It can be used to play games, draw things, and well… you get the picture. It’s like a Wacom tablet for the Wii. There will also be games that use the tablet as a controller. Hopefully none as absurd as Photoshop Hero. It’s being released by THQ, and will come with the Draw Studio software. I’m sure they can create some unique ways to use the peripheral, much in the way the second DS screen did.
via Kotaku

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