Apple’s Changing their Support Discussions

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The Apple discussion pages have long been a way for Apple users to find support from the community, for free. Now it looks like Apple is going to be changing that for the better. They’re going to be calling it “Apple Support Communities”, and it will have a more personalized feel. Users will be able to create their homepage, personalize it, and ask questions from the same spot.
I don’t think it’s going to be a “major overhaul”, as tuaw puts it. It seems that many of the old features will still be there, and mostly unchanged. From Apple’s description, this looks to be mostly an aesthetic change; one that will improve the ease of use on the site, and make it more personalized. The goal of the site will remain the same: community driven support.
Apple hasn’t given too many details on how this will look yet. As of now, they simply made a post on the discussions detailing some of the new features, and the old ones that will be sticking around. Seeing as Apple has some of the best support in the business, this can only mean that that support is going to get better.
You can read Apple’s post on the matter here, and come up with your own predictions for the new site.
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