Back in the Metroid Groove

You know, after playing Metroid Prime 3 for the Wii again, I think I might have been a bit harsh on the Wii element. Yes, it’s annoying, but it really did add a lot of great features.
I think the real problem is that playing the Wii really hurts my wrists after too long. Keeping the Wiimote trained on the screen for more than 15 minutes starts getting really annoying.

What they really need is the one Wii accessory I’d actually buy. They have golf clubs, guitars, steering wheels, tennis rackets, and more.

Why not an arm cannon? Map the buttons to the inside so you can play most of the game with one hand (some buttons on the outside) and you’ve got yourself a grade A marketing device.
Anyway, MP3 is a great game. The real problem is just how sensitive the Wii remote is to being pointed at the screen, but no so much with motions.

Hopefully Other M holds up to the quality of the Metroid Prime series.

One comment on “Back in the Metroid Groove
  1. Beat it. I feel like an idiot though. I beat it with 72% complete. Just 3 more items, and I would have gotten a better ending.
    Now I have to find a few more items and beat the last boss again (who's lair is even deeper underground than Metroid Prime's first hideout was, and you have to go all the way down yourself).

    Very cool game. Plus, there's a nice little secret for getting all the item locations put in your map. (Below).
    You'll need the spider ball, nova beam, and xray visor. Just go to the Cjoso observatory in sky town, and at the bottom you'll find a hidden switch (use the xray visor). After turning the huge machine on, go around and work your way through all the activated morph ball bomb slots.

    Each one will give you map data and the locations of the items on the planets. However, the Valhalla won't get mapped. But it's so small, I'm sure you can find everything you need.

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