Gizmodo editor loses phone… and gets it back!

Well isn’t this just ironic. Gizmodo editor Brian Lam left his phone in a restaurant. The person who found it turned it in, and Brian recovered it in no time.
Compare that to the story of Gray Powell. This man left his prototype iPhone 4 at a bar, and the guy who found it decided to sell it instead of returning it (which makes it stolen property in the eyes of the law). Who bought it? Gizmodo!

It seems ironic that Brian Lam commented on the kindness of turning the phone in, when his company profited off of the exact opposite!

If karma had it’s way, his phone might have been sold on the streets (because ebay won’t let you sell stolen gadgets) to an competing news site, who would steal a bunch of contacts and sources.

But hey, I’m not the kind of person to wish that on someone, so I’m glad to see that there is in fact some kindness left in the world, and that Brian got his phone back. Maybe next time someone comes to them with a stolen iPhone prototype, they’ll tell the seller to return it immediately.
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