Case Design Suggests New Nano, iTouch

As if past rumors weren’t enough to convince you that the Nano was getting a huge update this fall, these case designs might. Apparently, these cases are for the new iPod Nano and iPod Touch. Although Apple claims that they don’t leak details to case designers ahead of a product’s release, they have been relatively accurate.
The case for the Nano shows that it would be leaving the clickwheel behind, opting for a touch screen. The large empty space on the back could be for a clip of a camera. With the iPod Nano being this small, the Shuffle may be left behind completely.

The case for the iPod Touch should look familiar. In fact, I thought it was a case for an iPhone at first. However, the manufacturer claims that this is for the next iPod Touch.  This means the iPod Touch could finally be getting the much needed camera.

Remember, Apple’s holding a special event September 1st, so hopefully this will all be cleared up by then.
via MacRumors

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