More iPod Nano Rumors

AppleInsider claims to have some more information on the upcoming Apple event, including details on the iPod Nano revision and significant updates to the iPod Touch.

The image above compares the 2nd generation iPod Nano with a 3cm x 2.5cm screen to a rendering of the possible new Nano with a 3cm x 3cm screen. AppleInsider claims that despite the form factor being similar to a 2nd generation iPod Shuffle, it would have a dock connector like the current iPods, iPhone, and iPad.
Whether or not the new Nano will still have a camera has yet to be seen.

The iPod Touch will most likely be updated during this event as well. Possible updates include a camera (or 2, for FaceTime), a better screen, and now 3G data. The iPad comes in WiFi and 3G versions, and the iPod Touch may be following suit shortly.
via AppleInsider

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