Former HP CEO Hired at Oracle… Then Sued

Oracle hired former HP CEO Mark Hurd this morning. By this afternoon, HP filed suit against him and Oracle for the agreement.
How did this happen?
After being ousted from HP, Oracle CEO Larry Elison pointed out that he believed HP had made a mistake. To be more accurate, he called the board of directors “idiots”. Believing that Mark’s experience would help Oracle, he hired the former CEO to be the Co-President of the company. Not exactly a step up, but along with the millions he got from HP as severance pay, I don’t think he’s got anything to complain about.
HP, on the other hand, is doing a lot of complaining. They claim that Mark has breached his contract, and that he could be planning to reveal trade secrets to Oracle, who is one of their competitors.

HP, if you didn’t want him to be with anyone else, you shouldn’t have broken up with him.
via BGR and Engadget

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