Consumers Less Likely to Buy 3DTVs After Seeing Them

According to a study done by Nielsen and the Cable & Television Association for Marketing, consumers are less interested in buying a 3D TV after seeing them. What could it be caused by? Could it be the lack of content, the unimpressive show, the eye strain, or witnessing the price tag? More like all of the above.

Apparently, 3D just isn’t as impressive as the TV manufacturers would like you to believe. However, it seems as though there’s still one place where interest is still high. Among “hardcore gamers” there is interest in 3D TVs for gaming. Although, I’d like to point out to those gamers that head tracking can create the illusion of 3 dimensions on a 2D TV, without the need for glasses or eye strain. Check out the video below, around the 2:40 mark to see head tracking in action. It’s far cheaper than a 3D TV, and won’t cause the eye strain the 3D TVs cause.

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